"I always wanted to see Europe, but I was afraid of all the languages there. French, German, Spanish, and so on."

18 life history interviews with people that do not originally come from Austria are at the centre of this travelling exhibition, which deals primarily with issues such as leaving, arriving, using the space found, and leaving again. Additionally personal aspects of the history of Graz and Styria are mapped.

The concept of hidden.histories.ganz.graz sees an exhibition on three levels to bring hidden histories to the surface, have them travelling, and address as many different people as possible. The exhibition takes place at the same time online at www.hiddenhistories.at , all over Graz in the form of posters, pola-cards, and spots on the video wall at one of Graz’ main squares, all of which are objects and advertising materials at the same time, and in the foyer of the Multimedia Collections at the Joanneumsviertel Graz. All three levels are of equal importance.

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