"Hidden Histories" - Intercultural Dialogues and Learning

 "ISLAND LIFE" - Hidden histories from islands in the Samiaa lake area
The purpose of this hidden Histories theme is to portray and share a number of characteristic stories from past and present life at the rural islands in the Finnish Saimaa lake archipelago. The stories are collected and compiled into an eBook and a virtual Exhibition where the participants, stakeholders and representatives from the island communities are presented as separate 'pages' in the story book, and contains descriptions, illustrations, reference materials and multimedia presentationsthat can be commented by its visitors. Each 'story' is presented as a separate entity, and the visits/studies of the story-pages in the exhibition/eBook are possible to be carried in any sequence and in any sub-theme or extent.

'eBook' about the 'theme'
Content outline an commenting area
'Exhibition' on the 'theme'
List of events related to the project
'Info-card' for the 'theme'
Information on this project work-group

This project-group initiated its work with the definition of their forthcomming 'exhibition' in collaboration and with close interaction with local community members and direct stakeholders. It was jointly produced a proposed content outline for the theme. The outline, also made available online, were initially used as a notebook for involvement generati, and as a repository for resource materials and commenting provided by the various contributors and sub-themes.
All registered guests, invited membes and assigned project actors have access to this eBook/outliner, and the content contributors are also having fullediting access to their 'story-areas'.

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The format of the exhibition selected by this work-team is an 'Virtual Exhibition' available online on Internet as an interactive story-presentation area with the same content structure as in the eBook on the same theme. The exhibition is presenting a set of participant-presented historical anectdotes about the 'Island life' from the past and present told  by islanders in the Finnish Saimaa lake archipelago and its main focus is placed on one of its island, Tuohisaari. The stories in the 'exibition' can be visited in any sequence, or to any extent, even down to an individual story. Each story may also lead tofurther 'learning journeys' far beyond the content of the story pages through its web and media links.

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The theme coordination is managed via a work-group. Contact information for the 'Island Life' work-group,including information notes, announcements and interaction areas for the work-group as well as communication with the work-group are administrated through the group's info-card. Previous, present and new work-group members and other interested actors are registered and given access to this 'group area' and its services. All persons that like to participate in or contribute to the development of the theme exhibition and produce stories for one or more of the sub-themes can indicate their participation interests, and gain personal access codes to both the 'card' and to the eBook services.

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