Goals and objectives

The project aims to develop a range of strategies to encourage people who do not participate in social or civil society to engage in developing community histories. This project would use the expertise and experience of professionals working in the Lifelong Learning sectors, museums and archives to work with communities of both place and interest to create and utilise community histories.

This work would include a variety of learning and skills training which would empower individuals and groups to work with life history material, including: working with individuals and groups to use existing archives; training in oral history and life writing to generate material for exhibitions and archives; reminiscence work; training for people to work as volunteers or in paid employment in archives; creating on-line archives. In order to meet the needs of the deaf community groups, in both Sussex and Ireland all work with the community will be supported by BSL and ISL interpretation.

In addition, BSL and ISL summaries of website content will be provided to enhance accessibility.
An outcome of this learning process will be to foster understanding for each other by facilitating intercultural exchange, by giving communities with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds the opportunity to communicate with and learn from each other.

This work will be sustained through the generation of material that can be used with other groups of learners in the future, thus creating a valuable archive of hidden histories. The project would also be the pilot for a series of interventions that could be rolled out more widely across the EU.